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by Yuvaraj 27th December
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Email marketing is still the most powerful tool to take your Nonprofits to the next level, especially in the last few years as the pandemic put a halt on many traditional outreach and fundraising strategies. Email is up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. The same study also shows that the charity process happens three times faster than in social media.

Because there are over 4.25 billion email users around the world, 96% of whom check their inbox every day. Particularly when Nonprofits and NGOs have the highest open rates for marketing emails; so, it is not a marketing tactic that you should forget about. The key is to send the right messages at the right time.

save the children email campaign

As a nonprofit organization, email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching and engaging your audience. Whether you are fundraising, promoting an event, or sharing updates about your mission and impact, effective email communication can help you achieve your goals and build stronger relationships with your supporters.

In this article, I will share some inspiring nonprofits email examples that effectively communicate their message and achieve their desired outcomes. From subject lines to layout and content, these examples can serve as a valuable source of inspiration for your next email campaign.

volunteer recruitment emails

Volunteer Recruitment Emails

When you need to recruit volunteers, add followers, or hire staff for a particular project or mission, it's helpful to pick from your pre-existing email lists. There are probably a lot of people in your audience who would be interested, so make sure you do your best to concentrate on the people who are local. It is best to pick your group from your existing team of members or followers, because they already know about your cause and are interested enough to listen.

matching donation emails for nonprofits

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Matching Donation Emails

Matching donations is the main reason donors are encouraged to give more, according to 2017 data from Doubling the Donation. Also, the same report showed that 84% of donors would be more likely to donate if their donations were matched.

donate now call to action from doctors without borders

Doctors Without Borders: Clear call-to-action buttons and impactful statistics

A clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) is essential in any nonprofit email. It should be easy for your readers to understand what you want them to do next, whether it's donating, signing up for an event, or learning more about your organization.

Doctors Without Borders does an excellent job of using clear CTA buttons in their emails. For example, their "Donate Now" button stands out and makes it easy for readers to take action. In addition to a strong CTA, Doctors Without Borders also includes impactful statistics in their emails to highlight the urgency and importance of their work. For example, "Every 15 seconds, one person dies from a disease that could have been prevented or treated with access to healthcare" is a powerful statement that helps to motivate readers to take action.

thank you email for not for profit email marketing

Thank You Email

A 'thank you email' is the most important message for your not-for-profit email marketing strategy.

Sending a follow-up email thanking your supporters immediately after their donation or volunteering is important, and you can do this with email marketing. Be sure to include how their donation, money or time directly contributed to the cause. Include pictures if you can. The more you acknowledge and show your supporters that they are valued, the more likely they are to make a new donation.

the humane society's help us save animals in need

The Humane Society: Personalized subject lines and strong visuals

One of the first things that your recipients will see when they receive your email is the subject line. A subject line that is personalized, compelling, and relevant can make a big difference in whether or not your email gets opened.

The Humane Society does an excellent job of using personalized subject lines to grab the attention of their supporters. For example, "Help [recipient's name] save animals in need" is a powerful subject line that speaks directly to the recipient and highlights the impact of their support.

In addition to a strong subject line, The Humane Society's emails also feature eye-catching visuals that showcase the animals they are working to protect. These images help to create an emotional connection with the reader and effectively communicate the organization's mission and impact.

unicef be the change help a child get an education

UNICEF: Personalized stories

Personalized stories can be a powerful way to connect with your audience and communicate the impact of your work. UNICEF does an excellent job of using personalized stories in their emails to showcase the real-life impact of their efforts.

For example, one of their emails features a story about a young girl named Aisha who was able to go to school for the first time thanks to UNICEF's support. This story helps to bring the organization's work to life and create an emotional connection with the reader.

UNICEF also uses impactful subject lines to grab the attention of their readers. For example, "Be the change: Help a child like Aisha get an education" is a powerful subject line that speaks directly to the reader and highlights the impact of their support.

wwf personalized stories with impactful statistics


Nonprofit email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching and engaging your audience. These nonprofit email examples demonstrate the importance of using personalized subject lines, clear CTAs, impactful statistics, and personalized stories to effectively communicate your message and achieve your desired outcomes.

Whether asking for donations or recruiting volunteers, every email you send should be authentic to who your organization is and clear on what you want them to do. By taking inspiration from these examples, you can create effective email campaigns that inspire and motivate your supporters to take action.

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